Just thought I would let you know that we had such a great time on the boat. I could have stayed on it for so much longer. Every meal we had was great and Ahmet and the guys did such a great job. It made it so much better that we had weather over 37 degrees everyday. We will obviously be recomending you guys to all our friends. Thanks again


Just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for the most amazing holiday any of us have had in a life time... WOW everything was perfect and i am so sad to be back in london Ahmet 'aggies' was a beaut and we were looked after so well and had EVERYTHING we could have wanted.... it was perfect and i cant stop telling everyone about it and showing pics and talking on an on and on about it! the food was delicious, the spots were amazing, the crew were fantastic and they really accomodated the trip to our needs... so thank you again and i am so happy i got to go on such an INCREDIBLE holiday i can't express in words how wicked it was!

Love Chloe

Thanks so much! My family just wanted to say thanks for the cruise. It was amazing. The crew was outstanding, so let Ahmet know that he did a great job, as did the whole crew. They were great! The cruise itself was awesome. The sea the sun, it could not have been better. I will be sure to spread the word about Before Lunch!

Cheers, Catch you on the Flip Side, Geoff

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing time James and I had on our boat trip. I could not believe how hard Ahmet and the Chef worked, and that fact that they were always smiling! The food was amazing. Please pass on my thanks to the guys on the boat, it was the most relaxing time and even better than I had imagined. Thank you! If you don't see us next year you should be seeing half our friends and family who I been telling all about the great holiday experience. Thanks again.


So sorry that I have taken so long to write this - I have been stuck on 'Turkey time!' This trip was undoubtedly the best trip any of the group that went on it, have EVER been on! No-one can stop talking about it We arrived in Fethiye and most of us got to the hostel perfectly (minus a few who had been left in London due to the airline overbooking) - Thanks for organising the transfers - to be met by the most fantastic people who offered us all a cold beer and glass of wine - and to be met by Ahmet! The whole week on the boat was incredible, we couldn't believe the amount of work that both Ahmet and his crew put in to make our holiday amazing - I still can't believe they wouldn't let us help wash up the plates after our meals Ahmet took us to the most fantastic places where we swam, snorkelled, explored and even got to wake-board, ski, jet-ski and paraglide The food was better than in a hotel! I really want to thank you for organising it all and for having the most amazing tour to offer people who I will definately recommend. And also a Thank you to Ahmet and Sunny for putting up with this crazy bunch of South Africans who had the best holiday ever! Please pass the message onto them! Thanks so much again!


We had the most amazing time ever! I have never had such a relaxing holiday - I felt so wonderful by the end of the week. The water was absolutely stunning - the snorkelling was addictive! I can't wait to come back someday...I've also gone onto the lonely planet website and added a 'blue list' of best boat/sailing trips so other readers can hear about you guys xx Anyway, enjoy the photos and I'll chat to you soon, thank you so so much!


Cruise was excellent, and I will definitely be going again (and taking all my friends next time!). You can tell your boys that they did an awesome job! Thanks mate

Guy Hill
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