Before Lunch Boat Cruise is an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible company. It is our mission to take care of the sea and the environment we operate in. Read below for information on our:

· Environmentally Friendly Boat
· Fresh and Organic Food
· Taking care of our Island, Sea, and Marine Life

Water - We are the only gulet in Fethiye with a 'help yourself' water system. We charge 20 TL for the entire cruise per person, and you either use a water bottle from us, or bring your own and fill it up from the large water bottle on board. This eliminates using 100's of plastic bottle.

We also forbid the use of plastic straws on board as they can have a detrimental affect on Turtles if they swallow them :-(

We save the food scraps for goats and other animals on the islands.

We take time to clean up rubbish and trash from the surrounding beaches and bays.

Environmentally Friendly Boat:

We employ only earth friendly practices on the boat and ask our guests to do the same.

Itineraries and routes are selected according to the wind and current conditions; this helps us use not only use less diesel but provides customers with a smooth and enjoyable cruise. Unfortunately, we rarely sail as the gullet is not a sailing boat as such. Please take not of this.

The boat design was maximized to produce the greatest speed with the least amount of energy. Our efficient engine burns diesel at an extremely conservative rate – averaging 25% less than others. Lights, refrigerator, and hot water heater are run from a battery which is charged while the boat engine is running, thus not requiring additional energy consumption.

We encourage best practices for fresh water consumption and require guests to limit themselves to short showers. We use sea water for deck cleaning, toilet flushing and engine cooling.

For cleaning, no chemical products are used. Only natural or environmentally friendly cleaners are allowed for all boat surfaces and inside the cabins.

Recycling is mandatory on the boat. Upon returning to port, all bottles, cans and other recyclables are properly disposed of.

Fresh and Organic Food:

We pride ourselves on cooking fresh and organic produce and meats. We select only the freshest local products from the market the day of departure. Guests are treated to the best of Turkish cuisine while enjoying organic meats, fish, and plenty of vegetables!

To reduce our propane consumption while cooking, we use energy efficient pots to minimize cooking time. When possible, we barbeque using driftwood collected from the beach and cook fish caught from the boat!

Taking Care of our Islands, Sea, and Marine Life:

The islands we visit are protected and it is our job as visitors to insure that they are properly taken care of. Our mission is to “leave no trace” while enjoying the natural beauty of the sea, the islands, and the ruins that we visit.

Wherever we anchor the Captain and Crew take on the responsibility of cleaning the beaches, removing trash and debris from the islands and sea and encouraging other boats and visitors to do the same. We do this on every cruise in hopes that others learn from our example.

We see the islands as our home and encourage everyone to assist us in our conservation efforts – collecting debris, beach cleaning, tree planting, and trail preservation are common activities for our guests.

Marine preservation is important to us. The Captain is a certified master diver and member of the Fethiye Turtle Rescue Team which not only rescues endangered Logger Head Turtles (Caretta caretta) from fishing nets and lines in the gulf but also insures that their native habitats are preserved. Fethiye is a Specially Protected Area (SPA) and among the 12 most important Caretta caretta nesting beaches in Turkey.

Before Lunch Boat Cruise is a member of and supports local and international organizations such as Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF), and the Fethiye Volunteer Community.

Thanks so much! We just wanted to say thanks for the cruise. It was amazing. The crew was outstanding, so let Ahmet know that he did a great job, as did the whole crew. They were great! The cruise itself was awesome. The sea the sun, it could not have been better. I will be sure to spread the word about Before Lunch!

Cheers, Catch you on the Flip Side, Geoff


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